How to join EPIC MTB

The club is open to allowing new members join and the way to do it is join our Saturday Spins..

We welcome people, who are new or expierienced mountain bikers who want to be a part of a very special club. Folks who love riding their bikes, being part of a club, who are willing to help out when needed (and don’t need to be called upon to do so).

Fun on an EPIC Club spin!
Fun on an EPIC Club spin!

The club will run spins over the each Saturday and Wednesday for beginners/Improvers

Our spins take in some of the best places to mountain bike in Dublin, Wicklow and beyond!

Don’t be like the guy we met up 3rock running tyres with tubes who got a flat and all he had was a C02 canister. . .? (true story)

There are more details posted on the forum here.