Monday MTB’ers Spin

Monday Spins 6.30 Lamb Doyles – everybody welcome

Every Monday from Monday the 14th of May on people are welcome to come on a spin with the Godfather of Irish Mountainbiking, Richie Byrne!

These are the rules.

  • No pi sspots or DH helmets
  • Lycra or Baggies ( no tracksuits or football shorts)
  • SPDs or Flats with proper shoes ( not runners and commuter pedals)
  • 2 Tubes
  • a Pump ( a decent one not some road cyclists tampon)
  • A multi tool
  • a 100% working bike
  • a reasonable degree of fitness

It doesn’t matter what club you are in , you are welcome, it is not an elite spin for animals its a spin for people who are either getting the horn for the sport or wanting to improve.
I am the number 1 Mountainbike guide in Dublin and Wicklow, nobody can put a spin together like me. Nobody has more experience at leading groups than I have.
I have made more deadly mountainbikers than anybody.
Just turn up.
6.30 every Monday at lambe doyles pub in Sandyford.

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